2016/2017 NBA Preview Megathread

The 2016-17 NBA season is upon us already! With the help of the Olympics, the time spent without basketball seemed much shorter, and the NBA preseason is already underway.

As usual, the NBA offseason was not without its storylines. Players switch teams during free agency, and as a result, new rivalries form, old rivalries are rekindled, and established rivalries strengthen. Teams are heading into camps with a sense of optimism as the 82 game regular season approaches in just a matter of weeks, and they’re trying to get a feel for new faces in the locker room as well as new competition around the league.

Throughout the preseason I’ll break down each division, team by team, in the order in which I think they’ll finish. I’ll review their offseason and look ahead to the 2016-17 season and what may lie ahead, starting in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference.

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Make Baseball Great Again

A few weeks back some buddies and I took a “bro” trip to St. Louis for the weekend with the main intention of seeing a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium, widely known as one of baseball’s crown jewels by most die hard fans. I had heard so many things from friends and strangers on Twitter alike about how St. Louis was an incredible baseball town, and how the Cardinals faithful are the best fans in baseball. I’m a huge baseball P1, and always have been since I was a kid. Growing up, I played ball in high school and childhood Kyle would plan his evenings to be in front of the TV watching his beloved Indians, or whatever game would happen to be on that night. It was a cool, very comfortable night in STL and we had amazing seats for the September 9th game against the Brewers. It was shaping up to be an incredible experience for my baseball soul.

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