Razorback Recap: #17 Hogs Start the Year 3-0

This might be hard to believe, but we’re already a quarter of the way through the 2016 NCAA College Football season. There have been a few shocking surprises, like Louisville and Houston looking to crash the college football party, as well as some great disappointments, like the sudden demise of the Big 12. One of my personal favorite story-lines of the young season is that the Arkansas Razorbacks are ranked in the 17th in the AP Top 25 after rattling off three straight wins to start the year. I think it’s only fair we show our Alma-mater some love by looking back at the start of the season, and looking ahead to what the season has in store for this Razorback squad.

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NFL Week 1 Review and Week 2 Picks


As usual with week one, there are bound to be some surprises. It’s tough to pick winners based off of virtually nothing, because a lot tends to change from season to season. Teams who you thought would be good end up overrated, and there’s usually one or two surprise teams who exceed expectations. How did our expert panel fare to start out the new season? Check out our Week 1 recap, and our picks from Week 2 below!

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The Sweet Life Of Perseverance


I have Type 1 Diabetes. Those closest to me have seen how much of a toll it has taken on my life for the past 10 years while I’ve had this disease. My body cannot absorb the insulin from my Pancreas, and my blood sugars are unnaturally imbalanced as a result. Every second of my life has been devoted to this disease, from doing mental calculations before I’m about to do my favorite activities like jogging or playing basketball, to always lugging around a bag filled with medications and snacks, to always thinking ahead to where I’m going to be, and being aware of my surroundings in the event that emergency strikes.

It has been the source of a lot of sleepless nights, sick, lethargic days, and an unshakable anxiety disorder that has traumatized me for the last two years. I’ve almost died, been rushed by ambulance through the busy streets of New York. I’ve had to cancel travel arrangements, vacations, and nights out with friends. I’ve subjected myself to thousands of blood sugar finger pricks, and even more painful needle injections. There is no sick days, “call ins” or days off from this disease. It is 24/7/365, and will most likely be for the rest of my life.

But that’s okay.

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NFL Season Preview & Week 1 Picks


Are you ready for some FOOTBAWWLLLL??? This season, we’ll be making picks against the spread each week, and to celebrate the season kickoff, we’ll make our preseason predictions for AFC champions, NFC champions, and Super Bowl champions. We’re really excited to look back at these in 4 months and realize how stupid we truly are.

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