The Legacy of Tim Duncan


There comes a time in every professional athlete’s career when they have to hang ‘em up. For a lot of players, it’s a long overdue process after they’re past their prime and doing more to hurt the team than help it. Usually, these players seem to naturally step away from the game at a time their team is ready to turn the page.

It’s very rare that we come across a player like Tim Duncan in any sport. He is one of the select few who have helped re-define the sport he played. Normally when someone of that magnitude retires from the game, there is a great deal of fanfare and press surrounding the player, Just ask Kobe Bryant and Derek Jeter, among others. Those types of players go out with a bang and with so much attention surrounding them, just as they spent most of their careers.

Tim Duncan is different. He was the quiet (dare I say boring?) superstar, and that’s just how he liked it. The mark he left on the league is so significant, yet most casual fans will struggle to notice it. It’s so easy to talk about Tim Duncan’s individual stats and how great they are. Through his entire career, he averaged 19 points and about 11 rebounds per game with a career field goal percentage over 50%. Those are impressive hall of fame worthy numbers, especially when you spread them across a 19-year career. Still, that’s not even remotely the most important accomplishment in his career. Tim Duncan was  a team-first player, so I think reflecting on his team accomplishments is much more appropriate.

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Why You Shouldn’t Blame Kevin Durant

This year’s NBA free agency period has been nothing like previous years.  With the salary cap rising, players have been signing for much more money than they were worth even last year.  At the center of the pool of free agents this year was Kevin Durant, who made headlines (and plenty of new enemies) when he announced via the Players’ Tribune that he will be signing with the Golden State Warriors.

Many non-Warriors fans were far from pleased with Durant’s decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder, to put it lightly.  They are accusing him of “cheating” has way to an easier championship.  They’re accusing him of abandoning the only NBA franchise (notice how I didn’t say team) he has ever known.  Ask most Thunder fans who Kevin Durant is, and they’ll probably respond with words like “ring-chaser” or trader “traitor” while Durant’s charred jersey sits in their backyard.  Most of the criticism Durant is receiving is unfair, and there’s more to his move than just choosing the easiest road to a championship.

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The Rise and Fall of Jon Jones and His Biggest Fan


Back in 2009, while visiting my mom in Texas, we ordered UFC 101 on pay-per-view. My stepdad was way into the sport, and up until that point, I had never really been exposed to it. It wasn’t too long before I began watching events and reading MMA blogs and forums regularly. One year later, a lanky young prospect who shared my nickname and home state of New York caught my eye. These are probably the only two things I have in common with Jon Jones, the man who would quickly become my favorite fighter, my sports man crush, and one of the most dominant UFC fighters the world has ever seen. As it turns out, he would also become one of the biggest disappointments of my sports life, and as a fan of the Cleveland Browns, that’s really saying something.

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It’s Time To Have That Talk

MJ-LeBron Cover

With his most recent championship, has LeBron James set himself at a level higher than anyone in NBA history (and yes, I do mean anyone)?

Everyone dreads “the talk,” and it’s not just one talk that people love to avoid. Parents put off having the talk with their teenagers. In a relationship, if you hear, “we need to talk,” you certainly aren’t thinking the talk is going to be about where you two will be vacationing next. Let’s just say, when you are referencing “the talk,” it usually entails sensitive information that people may not be prepared to hear.

That being said, let’s talk basketball. This past season has been a roller coaster for the NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers. It started with a regular season filled with roster questions and a mid-season coaching change, and ended with an NBA Finals victory against the greatest regular season team in league history. In becoming the first team to ever come back from a 3-1 series deficit, and without home court advantage, the Cavs have etched themselves into the record books. At the center of Cleveland’s stunning comeback is LeBron James. He put up astronomical numbers for the second straight NBA Finals, and after this season, the question must be asked. Just how good is LeBron James?

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