A Spontaneous Trip to Cleveland – It’s Not All Bad

When America’s bright young college students get a whole week off from the drudges of school in October for Fall Break, they plan vacations to some of the most illustrious places on earth. Many kids go on skiing trips to Colorado; or some go to the beaches of Miami to spend their parents own hard earned money while making memories with their friends. I would venture a guess and say not many people got a text on their phone one September morning from a friend that simply reads “Cleveland for fall break, let’s go.”

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The Albany Devils Experience, Featuring John Scott


For my first post here at Hogs with a Blog, I wanted to write about an event people would find interesting. While a matchup between the Saint John’s Ice Caps and Albany Devils probably won’t move the needle for most, I was incredibly intrigued by the game for one reason: All Star Game MVP John Scott. After watching Scott’s star burn bright alongside the best players the hockey world has to offer, I wanted to see just how well he would shine on a quiet night at the Times Union Center in Albany.

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