Hog With A (Photo) Blog- University of Arkansas Edition

Hi guys! I’ve decided to start a new side project as part of HWB where I showcase some pictures from my various life events and adventures around the world that I’ve taken and edited as part of my newest hobby. I’m not too sure how successful this is going to be- I’m by no means an expert or professional photographer, just a spare with a digital camera, but to me this is very exciting. My goal is to create posts here as sort of a time capsule of where this journey called life takes me as I get closer to leaving college and starting the next chapter of my life. I’m sure Ethan and Matt have their own pictures that will make various appearances on here as well.

This first gallery comes from a few days where I’ve had some time to just grab my camera and walk around the University of Arkansas campus here in Fayetteville by myself. I just took taking whatever caught my eye, and if some of these appear random or meaningless, it’s probably because they are. I played with a couple pictures with a fancy but free photo editing software, but the majority are just left as-is. I hope you enjoy this gallery as much as I did while braving sweltering 95 degree heat and risking heat stroke. All jokes aside, this was a lot of fun for me to produce and I hope some of that fun can show itself from the gallery below. Cheers!

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