ELECTION 2016: My First Presidential Campaign Event


Ah, election season. It’s a truly wonderful time where distant relatives stop spamming our Facebook news feeds with pointless click bait articles, and start drawing us offside with scorching hot political opinions, causing many uncomfortable family gatherings across our great nation. And let’s not forget about all the people from high school we’re still Facebook friends with for some reason, who just love voicing their opinions on just about anything. This time of the year just wouldn’t be the same without them.

This year, as you all know, America is in the midst of a historical, wacky, and downright controversial campaign season, unlike anything we have ever seen. Bernie Sanders, a man widely viewed as an outsider without much of a chance, is clawing and scratching his way toward a successful campaign. Donald Trump, businessman, reality star, and billionaire, is leading the polls, and could quite possibly secure the nomination from the Republican Party. Today, both men have made their way to Albany, desperately trying to secure as many delegates as they can in the upcoming New York primary.

My goal has always been to keep this site as devoid of political opinions as possible. First of all, my theory on politics closely mirrors that of Dennis Reynolds, a character from the hit show It’s Always Sunny inĀ  Philadelphia. “Who am I supposed to vote for? The Democrat who is going to blast me in the ass? Or the Republican who’s blasting my ass? It’s coast-to-coast, nationwide, ass blasting.” This probably isn’t the best philosophy to have, but we’ve all got our problems. Second, if you’re not already beaten down from politics at this point, there are plenty of other resources to get your fix. But after all of the ridiculous headlines and drama that have been spawned by this election cycle, I decided that if I had a chance to see a candidate live, I would absolutely do it without hesitation.

Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders scheduled his event at noon, and I decided not to take the time off of work to go see him. (*insert joke about Sanders supporters being unemployed moochers here.*) Luckily (?), one Donald J. Trump had his event scheduled at 7 PM, so I decided to take my talents back to the Times Union Center in Albany, hoping to get a first hand look at the Donald Trump phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the nation.

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