BROad Trip: The Gang Takes on The 6


Finally, after almost 24 years on planet earth, my friends and I planned and actually followed through with a bro road trip (also known as the first ever BROad trip). We decided to head off to Buffalo, NY to spend a night with our friend Moe to celebrate his 24th birthday. The next day, we would head north to the land of poutine, hockey, and Molson: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

For as much planning we had done leading up to the weekend, I was still a bit skeptical that we would ever get on the road and go through with everything. If you’re not sure what would make me feel this way, you’ve probably never spent more than three minutes with my group of friends. It’s hard enough to get everyone to agree on something to do on a typical Friday night, let alone round everyone up to travel to another country. Miraculously enough, fifteen minutes after our agreed upon time of departure, the bags were loaded, and the wheels were in motion toward Toronto.

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A Spontaneous Trip to Cleveland – It’s Not All Bad

When America’s bright young college students get a whole week off from the drudges of school in October for Fall Break, they plan vacations to some of the most illustrious places on earth. Many kids go on skiing trips to Colorado; or some go to the beaches of Miami to spend their parents own hard earned money while making memories with their friends. I would venture a guess and say not many people got a text on their phone one September morning from a friend that simply reads “Cleveland for fall break, let’s go.”

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