Just Another Day in the 2017 NBA Offseason

Welcome to the league, Koby Altman! A man with a Wikipedia page shorter than Isaiah Thomas himself, the Cavs’ freshman GM was faced with the incredibly tall task of keeping the team a championship contender in the wake of David Griffin’s departure in June. His job didn’t get much easier when it became apparent that Kyrie was looking to force his way out of town in an attempt to step out of LeBron’s shadow. Less than a month into his new gig, Altman pulled the trigger on an incredibly unprecedented deal, or what we like to call in the 2017 NBA offseason “Tuesday,” that sent Kyrie Irving to Boston. Here’s how it played out.

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Defending Carolina Students for “Not Showing Up” on Monday

After beating fellow one seed Gonzaga in an ugly championship game filled with fouls and missed calls, the North Carolina Tar Heels are your new college basketball National Champions.  As usual, the NCAA Tournament was filled with a number of storylines, from NBA prospects to Cinderella stories to major upsets.  However, during the Final four (and especially the championship game), word got out that North Carolina’s student section was not full, only for the NCAA to fill the remainder of the section with nearby Arizona State students.  Why was the Carolina student section not full?  Perhaps my own personal student Final Four experience can shed some light and disprove inaccuracies about the whole process.

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Making Sense of the DeMarcus Cousins Trade (and the Kings)

Source: https://twitter.com/PelicansNBA

What a weekend for the city of New Orleans.  They hosted the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend festivities on short notice after the NBA moved it from Charlotte, but it’s what happened after the game that topped headlines Monday morning.  Shortly after the game, the New Orleans Pelicans completed a the biggest heist of the past several years to give them the best front court in the NBA by acquiring DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings.  And boom goes the dynamite.

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BOOMSHAKALAKA! Presenting NBA Jam 2k17 – a full roster update for NBA Jam T.E. for the SNES, brought to you by Hogswithablog.com. Grab yourself a SNES emulator, download the modified rom below, and relive your youth with the biggest NBA superstars in the game today.


Play with all 30 NBA teams, including New Orleans, Toronto, and Memphis (not included in the original game)
117 of the top NBA players including Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, and many more
Completely revamped rosters, accurate as of 1/1/2017
Custom attributes and appearances for every player, based on the NBA 2k17 roster
Unlock legends like MJ and Kobe, past players like Scottie Pippen, Reggie Miller, and more
Minor graphical tweaks and updates

Thanks a lot for checking out the project! I’ve spent more time than I care to admit working on this, and I really hope you’ll enjoy the finished product.

If you enjoyed NBA Jam 2K17 and would like to make a donation, please consider donating to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. As you may have noticed in the trailer (and the in-game ad boards), I will be running the Boston Marathon in an attempt to raise $10,000 for this cause. As a cancer survivor, it is a cause that is very dear to me. You can read a bit more about why I’m running the marathon here, and if you would like to donate, you can do so directly at my Dana Farber Marathon Challenge page.

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Now, without further ado…



My Quest to Raise $10,000 For Cancer Research


I’m incredibly proud and excited to announce that on April 17th, 2017, I will be participating in the 121st running of the Boston Marathon as a member of the Dana-Farber Marathon Team. There are two ways to enter the Boston Marathon: surpassing a timed qualification from a previous marathon (which for the 18-34 age group is 3 hours and 5 minutes, which works out to be 7:05 per mile), or teaming up with a charity to raise money for a given cause. Recently, I decided to apply for the latter, and was lucky enough to be selected to join the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute team after an application process that took about two weeks.

Some of you probably have a pretty good idea why this cause is so important to me. Others may not. Hopefully, the word will spread to many of you out there who don’t even know me at all.

My name is Ethan Miller, and this is my story.

(If you are interested in making a donation, you can check out my Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge page here).

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